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The Australasian Tribe of the International Comanche Society is an active group within the US based International Comanche Society whose objectives are the safe and continued operation of the Piper Comanche and Twin Comanche aircraft.

As a member you have access to a range of benefits which include:
  • Access to a wealth of experience within the Tribe in operation and maintenance of Comanches, with some members owning more than one Comanche and one member having owned 23 over the years.
  • An active Pilot Proficiency Program which is supported & recognised by leading aviation insurers. The objective of the Program is to facilitate the safe and economic operation of the Comanche aircraft by supplying a sustainable support and knowledge base in a cooperative training environment. Repeating courses is used by members as refresher training. All training is conducted by experienced Comanche instructors. 
  • Issue of the International edition of the “Comanche Flyer” and a local version of the “Comanche Flyer” magazine which deals with local matters and upcoming events.
  • Technical support and assistance in locating those “hard to find” parts.
  • Access to the Australasian Tribe Website Members Only section which includes
    - A member Pathfinder database with all member details
    - A Discussion Forum allowing open access of all members who have questions which will be answered by other members.
    - News and Events details such as Meeting minutes, past and planned Flyin and Safari events, Comanche Flyer Newsletter and Members other flying trips. 
    - Technical and Maintenance area where technical & maintenance articles, manuals etc, are available as well as advice and assistance.
    - A Member Advertising section for the purpose of members who wish to Sell or Buy Comanche related equipment, parts or aircraft.
    - Extensive Aviation Links which are useful, informative and interesting.  
  • Access to the International US website which provides many areas of information.
  • Flying Safaris of up to two weeks duration are offered most years, and usually fill rapidly, with up to fourteen aircraft participating.
  • Regular Fly-ins, attracting typically 10 to 30 aircraft.

The Tribe represents 128 members and 117 of the 167 Comanche’s in Australia and New Zealand, comprising 62 PA24 Singles and 55 Twin Comanches as at 1/5/12. The membership continues to grow as does the number of Comanches in Australia with the continuing imports of this popular type from around the world.

Membership of the Australasian Tribe is open to all persons, not only Comanche owners, but also operators, pilots who hire Comanches, LAMEs, etc with an interest in the operation and maintenance of Comanche aircraft - both single and twin.

Membership is a low cost annual fee and includes membership of the US International Comanche Society.

If you have any queries please Contact Us.
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