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Technical Advice & Maintenance Training

Click here to access the Airframes section. Full details available in Members Section

This area is one of the great strengths of the Australian ICS.

We have a group of experienced and technically competent members, who combined, have the skills and knowledge in all aspects of the Comanche systems and equipment.

Access by Members is available to such items as:
  • Technical and Maintenance advice.
  • Many articles written by members and published in the Australian Flyer magazine, Proficiency Courses and overseas publications located in a permanent archive.
  • Regular articles of interest collected from external sources and featured in the Whatís New section of the Website.
  • Advice of new any relevant ADís issued.
  • Lists of all active Service Bulletins
  • Service & Parts manuals.
  • List of special tools held by members who would be willing to lend then on a short term basis.
  • Information on new products, electronic control units such as traffic alert systems, GPS, Aspen, etc.
  • Maintenance organisations experienced in specific products and Comanche aircraft.
  • Where to buy and/or overhaul equipment.
  • Operational regulatory rule changes involving technical and maintenance aspects.



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